Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Roughly Estimated Lay-off Line for Operations

After the completion of the Retirement Package offerings, a bare bones estimate of where the lay-off line is at this time looks like to be around mid January 1984. An official lay-off line will not be determined until after the Enhanced Severances have been spoken for. Again this is just an estimate not taking into account any relief numbers that may be required.


  1. Hey pete, now that the vac truck is going to be sold, I was just wondering if the contractor that is going to do the job was going to use our guys as swampers or did the labourers lose this job also?

    could you please answer the question this time. thanks

  2. Any labour work we had before we will still maintain. The only time we would not provide swampers would be if the contract vac truck was hired to do hazardous atmosphere work such as domestic sewers. Those guys are required to have certain inoculation shots etc. before performing that kind of work.

    No problem answering your question THIS TIME, but if you would like your questions answered in the future then please post your name.

  3. Pete,
    Are the retirement packages with monies left after enhanced severance packages going to be exactly the same as the 55+ to Dec.31,2007 packages with medical,bridging,etc.?
    My other question is that if a member declined the first time(deadline Feb.22,2007)then had a change of heart afterwards can they go for one the second time around;and if so would they get first offer or last?

  4. Sorry it took so long to answer you but I just got back to work today.

    The answer to your first question is yes the packages will be exactly the same as the first offering. The answer to your second question is no, those people had one chance to consider the first offering and those that are still waiting for any possible further packages have based their expectations on the outcome of the first offering.

  5. Pete,
    What is the latest date that a person can turn 55 for the second round if monies left permits?
    If there is a deadline date and there are monies still left over what happens to that money if anything at all?

    CEP 592 Member.

  6. There is no date, just that you have turned 55 after Dec 31st 2007. At this point there is no deadline set, we will just keep going till all the funds are spoken for. But with only just over a million dollars left before the enhanced severances and having seen some of the interest being expressed for those severances, I don't think there will be a substancial amount of funds for many retirement packages after the enhanced severance offer.