Sunday, 2 March 2008

Forward Look Articles

With all that is going on lately, I just wanted to throw out a reminder that the deadline for March Forward Look articles is Friday, March 7. Please send your article to my gmail address ( by 4:30 on Friday. Adding Forward Look in the subject area will ensure that I know it's an article.

Articles sent via my Catalyst email will not be accepted.

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  1. Guess it is what " WE " thought all along ~~~ not to Wait for the National get a Good Deal for all of US !!!

    CEP Press Release:

    The Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union today expressed its disappointment with the failure of early negotiations with AbitibiBowater.

    "CEP members came to these negotiations one year early to achieve more stability for the Canadian pulp and paper industry and to stop the bleeding of thousands of jobs," said CEP president Dave Coles.

    "Our members gave us a mandate to discuss an extension of our agreements in exchange for improved job security. CEP members have already sacrificed jobs and contributed tens of millions of dollars in productivity and efficiency, and we proposed to the company that we work together on further productivity and efficiency initiatives.

    "However, instead of working with the union and their employees towards these goals, the negotiations were ended by the company because CEP would not agree to major concessions concerning the pension plan and other issues.

    "We are very disappointed in this outcome. However, we must send a clear and strong message to the industry that our position will not change one year from now when our contracts expire.

    "The Canadian industry must become more productive and efficient. But concessions and attacks on the pension plan will not save jobs or improve productivity."

    Negotiations between the company and 30 CEP Local unions from 13 AbitibiBowater mills ended Thursday afternoon after five days of discussions.

  2. Yeah, I saw that release, too. It doesn't surprise me. While I'm still not overly keen on what we had to do, Caucus reaction has bordered somewhat on the ridiculous and they have overstepped their authority and continue to attempt to do so.

    I never thought this "national strategy" would go very far and it hasn't.