Tuesday, 18 March 2008

A4 Start-up Information Sessions

Local 592 Wage Delegates and Catalyst Management will be holding Information Sessions prior to the A4 start-up on May 1st. There will be 2 sessions for every employee, the first to take place in early April and the second will take place just prior to start-up. Session one will be approximately 4 hours in duration and will cover off such things as:

Rationale Behind the New Agreement

  • Why we chose to change
  • where we plan to be in our future
  • A4 + A5 (2 machine solution)

Detailed Review of the Terms of the New Agreement

  • specific items for emphasis and/or clarification
  • handout of new payroll template, shift schedule, etc.
  • invitation for questions on all items

The second session is also scheduled for 4 hours and will cover:

  • Ramp-up and specific Department Targets
  • Key aspects of Start-up Plans (dedicated manning, procedures etc)
  • Roles of Supervision and Crews
  • Departmental Duties and Expectations
  • Communications

We are encouraging everyone to attend these sessions. We want to try and answer any questions you may have and aleviate any doubt before we head into the full implementation of this new agreement. Like the agreement or not, all of us have to be on the some playing field and pulling in the same direction if all of this is going to work.

Pete Rayburn

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