Thursday, 15 April 2010

Local 592 Wage Delegate Report

Late last week Roy and I met with Brian Johnson and Tom Paisley and we were presented with a letter asking us to postpone our wage increase due May 1,2010. They informed us that this request was being made to all the Catalyst locals. The Catalyst locals met Monday evening and decided that the Presidents would meet with the company to inform them that the locals would not be entertaining this request.

The following day Jim Britton, Mike Fenton, Don Bouchier, Bob Hughf and the Presidents met with Brian Johnston and Steve Boniferro. Jim told them that we were not in favour of postponing our wage increase but we would still be willing to meet with them to discuss the challenges facing this company. Brian said that they were pleased to hear this and they are eager to resume talks with the local unions. The date for this meeting will be set in the days to come.

At Monday night’s General meeting we will be seeking direction from this local on how to proceed. The Wage Delegates will be recommending that Local 592 Wage Delegates attend these talks with the Company.

I apologize for the short notice but due to the urgency of the group to have this meeting as soon as everyone’s schedule will permit, we have no choice but to bring this to our local Monday night.

A full report will be given Monday night prior to voting on our recommendation. This is an extremely important issue and I urge our members come out, get the facts, express your opinion and be involved in the decision.

Jim VanDusen
Wage Delegate

Monday, 12 April 2010