Monday, 30 June 2008

Postings for Leadhands and Relief Supervisor

POSITION: Leadhand (1)

DEPARTMENT: Automotive Department

RATE: As per the Agreement


The successful applicant will have the following skills, qualifications and capabilities:

· Good verbal and written communication skills
· Excellent interpersonal skills
· Good Technical aptitude and strong trouble shooting skills
· Ability to work in a team environment
· Receptive to coaching
· High level of confidence
· Highly self-motivated
· Proficient at using computers

DATE ISSUED: June 27/08 CLOSING DATE: July 11/08

Interested employees should apply to Brian Chipman.

Open to Local 592 Automotive Mechanics only.

POSITION: Relief Leadhand (1)

DEPARTMENT: Fibre supply

RATE: As per the Agreement


The successful applicant will have the following skills, qualifications and capabilities:

· Good verbal and written communication skills
· Excellent interpersonal skills
· Good Technical aptitude and strong trouble shooting skills
· Ability to work in a team environment
· Receptive to coaching
· High level of confidence
· Highly self-motivated
· Proficient at using computers.

DATE ISSUED: June 27/08 CLOSING DATE: July 11/08

Interested employees should apply to Brian Chipman.

Open to Local 592 Fibre Supply Employees Only.


POSITION: Supply Mgmt Hourly Relief Supervisor

DEPARTMENT: Supply Management

RATE: As per Agreement

QUALIFICATIONS: Supply Management Employees only

DATE ISSUED: June 27, 2008

CLOSING DATE: July 11, 2008

Reporting to the supervisor responsible for the area, the relief supervisor will primarily provide coverage for the supervisor during short term absences. They will be responsible for organizing, planning and scheduling work. They will be expected to order material, approve time cards and ensure that all safety standards are maintained.

Skill Requirements:
· Safety awareness
· Planning and scheduling skills
· Demonstrated leadership skills
· Computer skills (Avantis, Simple SAP)
· Strong problem solving skills

Those interested should apply to Jim Kraneveldt.

Open to Supply Management Employees Only

Friday, 27 June 2008

Government Program Offers Transition Assistance

The following was posted in the Catalyst Digest and I thought some would be interested.

Government program offers transition assistance
The Community Development Trust is a $129 million federally funded program and is part of B.C.’s commitment to build economic prosperity across the province, create opportunities, and assist forest workers affected by the recent downturn in the forest industry. From that $129 million, $85.5 million will be dedicated to the Transition to Retirement Program.
The program provides a range of assistance based on age and number of years of attachment to the forest industry.
This assistance is available to forest workers who are at least 55 years old and wish to retire from the forest industry, either because their previous jobs have been unavailable for at least four months, or because they wish to leave their jobs to make room for a younger worker.
Applications for the program will be accepted from June 16 to Aug. 15. Full details can be found at the provincial government’s website.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Local 592 Email Distribution List

I am currently working on developing a Local 592 email list. At present I only have those that have a Catalyst Email Address. I know not everyone has a company email account. If you would like to have your personal email address added to the list or you would prefer not to use your company address please email me and let me know.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Jeff Power Memorial Service

Jeff's service will be on Wednesday June 25th @ 1PM at Yates Funeral Home on Allsbrook Road in Parksville. Jeff's wife (Kim) would very much appreciate it if any of Jeff's friends or co-workers would be willing to say a few words at his service.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Jeff Power Announcement

June 18, 2008

Jeff Power has passed away

It is with deep regret that I inform you of the passing of Jeff Power on Monday, June 16th after a long and difficult battle with Cancer.Jeff started at the mill in March 1989 as a Millwright. He started his Instrument apprenticeship in 1993 and worked in various areas around the mill as an Instrument Mechanic.

Jeff was personally accommodating and had an incredible sense of humour which saw people gravitating towards him. He will be greatly missed by all.Services for Jeff have not yet been announced but the information will be passed on to everyone as soon as it becomes available.Our condolences and thoughts are with his family and friends at this time.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Results of Canfor Strike Vote

Both locals 603 and 1133 have conducted strike votes. Local 603 recieved a 98.29% in favor and Local 1133 recieved a 100% in favor. There are some tentative dates set to continue bargaining with CPLP (Canfor) in June and July.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Employee Briefing & Dinner

All employees and their spouse/partner are invited to attend an employee briefing and dinner on Tuesday, June 24th at the Barclay Hotel banquet room.

Doors open at 5:30 and dinner will start at 5:45 p.m., followed by a 1-hour presentation.

Please RSVP your attendance to me by Friday, June 20th so that the appropriate amount of food and tables can be arranged.

Thank you,

Linda Flory
Executive Assistant
Catalyst Paper, Port Alberni Division

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Board of Directors Visit

On Tuesday June 10th the Catalyst Board of Directors visited our mill to get a first hand look at how things have changed since the implementation of the new agreement. A joint presentation was made to the Board covering off what has happened since the ratification of the agreement and what will happen as we go forward with the ramp up of A4 and achieving the commitments made to the Board when applying for the CER (CTMP Upgrade). I believe they were very impressed with the progress so far. But they also stated that influences such as weak markets, energy cost, transportation costs, the dollar etc. continue to put pressure on us to be cost effective, but the new collaborative approach that we have chosen to take is the key to success.

They were very appreciative of the guys on the floor who took the time to talk with them and relay their thoughts on the operation of this mill. They were very impressed on how some people have taken ownership of their jobs. On the other hand they did compare this visit with their last one and in particular the chair tossing, door slamming tantrum by one of our members and are still questioning what that was all about. Despite the negative impression from that visit, I feel they left here satisfied if not impressed that we are doing what we said we would do in order to get A4 back up and running.

Pete Rayburn

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Marc St. Thomas (OH&S Committee)


“The WCB was born out of a compromise between B.C.’s workers and employers in 1917 where workers gave up the right to sue their employers or fellow workers for injuries on the job in return for a no-fault insurance program fully paid for by employers. The WCB is committed to a safe and healthy workplace and to providing return-to-work rehabilitation and legislated compensation benefits to workers injured as a result of their employment.”

This next article is from the Public Compensation Coalition, it tells a little more of the story of how the present provincial government and industry has ruthlessly reduced the WCB benefits to injured workers. These policy changes have eroded the very intent of the original 1917 workers compensation compromise. Many of these large companies are foreign owed and have made huge profits from our natural resources. Industry seems to be dictating policy to the Liberal puppets. We all lead busy lives and the government banks on apathy and unawareness when making changes like these. The Liberal government and Industry have created a real false sense of security for the people of BC. We don’t want our labour standards reduced to third world levels. If you are willing to accept these changes then you don’t have to do anything. If you want to help regain the benefits that this government has taken away, you can make a difference with by going to the Public Compensation Coalition website and read more about the changes made to WCB and become a member of the Public Compensation Coalition. I ask you to do this is not only for ourselves, but also for the new workforce, our sons and daughters.

Marc St.Thomas

Fact Sheet
Since 2001, British Columbia’s public workers’ compensation system has faced legislative, regulatory, policy and organizational changes. These changes mean many workers are not adequately protected in their workplaces. These changes also mean that workers are not being fairly supported and compensated in the event that they are injured or made ill in their workplaces. Below are some facts about the changes, what they mean, and what might be in store for our workers’ compensation system.

· The WCB closed its world class Rehabilitation Clinic, moving rehabilitation services to other

public and for-profit operations
· First aid services have been contracted out to for-profit companies
· One-third of BC’s workplace health and safety regulations were eliminated
· Penalities imposed on employers have decreased despite an increased number of

recommended penalities
· Life time pensions were eliminated and replaced with a one-time post retirement payout

· Only 39 Loss of Earnings pensions were awarded in 2006, compared to 927 awarded in 2002
· Formerly, disabled workers received a pension for life; now they receive a one-time lump sum
payout of 5 per cent of the total benefits they received
· The injury rate for young workers is more than double that of the overall population
· Changes to the appeals process has made it much less accessible to injured workers

· Liberty Mutual, the second largest provider of private workplace insurance in the US, recently
conducted research on opportunities in Canada
· Recent developments could open the door to an employer-pay system where injured or ill
employees don’t file claims and employers have the right to pay benefits directly
· The current WCB board management says it doesn’t support privatization — for now. We must
always be ready to defend our public system in the case of a change to the board, or further
legislative and regulatory erosion

· The WCB is currently developing an automated claims adjudication program called the Claims
Management System (CMS), which is budgeted to cost $65 million
· The CMS has the potential to narrow entitlements for injured workers, and eliminate the human
discretion to consider individual circumstances
· Those involved in the development of the CMS program have said that it could facilitate the move
to an employer pay system

No Forward Look

There will be no Forward Look this month. I am on holidays with limited internet access. In addition, the only article submitted this month was from Marc St. Thomas and Pete has indicated that he will post that directly to this blog.

The only other issue surrounds the Agenda but I have no information on any Executive Recommendations (having missed the Executive meeting). I would still urge you to come out to the General Meeting on Monday to deal with business prior to the summer break.

To everyone on C crew, I hope you are enjoying your days off. I know I am.

In solidarity,



Please be reminded that the Local 592 General Meeting is Monday June 16th @ 7PM. This is the last meeting before the summer. I have been told that there may be some beverages after the meeting. Its your Union so please come and take part.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

June Forward Look Articles

Just a reminder that Forward Look articles are due this week. Please email them to me at my gmail address, and put Forward Look in the subject line.

Though I am going on my 22 off and will be camping, I think I'll have some internet access and should still be able to manage to get the Forward Look out. Not sure if I'll have an article but we'll see.

In solidarity,