Thursday, 12 June 2008

Board of Directors Visit

On Tuesday June 10th the Catalyst Board of Directors visited our mill to get a first hand look at how things have changed since the implementation of the new agreement. A joint presentation was made to the Board covering off what has happened since the ratification of the agreement and what will happen as we go forward with the ramp up of A4 and achieving the commitments made to the Board when applying for the CER (CTMP Upgrade). I believe they were very impressed with the progress so far. But they also stated that influences such as weak markets, energy cost, transportation costs, the dollar etc. continue to put pressure on us to be cost effective, but the new collaborative approach that we have chosen to take is the key to success.

They were very appreciative of the guys on the floor who took the time to talk with them and relay their thoughts on the operation of this mill. They were very impressed on how some people have taken ownership of their jobs. On the other hand they did compare this visit with their last one and in particular the chair tossing, door slamming tantrum by one of our members and are still questioning what that was all about. Despite the negative impression from that visit, I feel they left here satisfied if not impressed that we are doing what we said we would do in order to get A4 back up and running.

Pete Rayburn


  1. Sounds to me like the board was trying to hint they may not be able to live up to their side of the deal. If they don’t there is no doubt in my mind that they will want us or force us into keeping our end of this deal. You say the Board was impressed that some have taken ownership of their jobs when the majority of us have always worked that way even before we were Catalyst. Why would the CBD care about one member? Why would they even bring that up? Maybe they should take ownership of their own actions and realize it’s the way they run our mill that force’s members into behaving in this manner. Judging by what you said Pete not a bad visit but they do sound a little petty.

  2. There was nothing that the Board said that left me with the impression that they would not live up to their side of the agreement. They were just stating the obvious. And believe me when I say that there was absolutely nothing about how they run this mill that contributed to that person's behavior on the previous visit. The only reason they had mentioned it was because they had visited that same department this time and the member they had dealt with this time was very helpful and coopperative, and they just questioned what problem the previous person had with their presence. That's all it was. Not worth dwelling on.

  3. Hello Port Alberni group. Long time x employee who is still interested and caring about the members at the Port Alberni mill.

    Pete why would you even bring up that incident? It has been tough for all involved and the way I see it everything seems to be moving forward. I know it really isn't any of my business.

    Alberni deserves that upgrade to the C.T.M.P plant! The board should do everything possible to make it happen! As an example to the other divisions what a cooperative attitude can obtain? Of course the business fundamentals must be inline.

    Good luck !!
    Rory Panton