Wednesday, 13 February 2008

#4 PM Start Up Announcement

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February 13, 2008
Port Alberni Division set to start up PM4
We are pleased to announce the approval of a new agreement between Catalyst Paper, Port Alberni Division and CEP Locals 592 and 686. On the basis of this landmark agreement, the Catalyst Board of Directors also approved the CTMP expansion project today, which will allow the new agreement to take effect and PM4 to start up by mid-year.
This landmark agreement is instrumental in ensuring that Port Alberni Division will be a low cost producer of LWC and telephone directory papers. The CTMP expansion project will now proceed with an expected completion in 16 months. Early retirement packages will also proceed according to the previously announced schedules.
In approving this initiative, the Board commended the executives and membership of CEP Local 592 and CEP Local 686 for the commitment and leadership taken in working with the company to achieve a breakthrough agreement. The support of the City in taking a first step to reduce the mill’s municipal tax burden was also acknowledged as an important first step in helping the mill reach a more competitive, low-cost structure over the long-term.
We are all looking forward to working together in the cooperative spirit of this agreement to achieve a safe, long-term, viable two machine operation at Port Alberni Division.
Catalyst Paper: CEP Local 592: Local 686:
Ron Buchhorn Pete Rayburn Roy Plotniko
Sr. Vice President, Operations President President
Kim Pedersen Darryl DeRooy Tom Burton
Director, Operations Wage Delegate 1st Vice President
Dale Shimell Phil Guild Brian Hamelin
Manager, Mtce. & Eng. Wage Delegate Wage Delegate
Krista Tremblay
HR Advisor

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