Sunday, 10 February 2008

February Forward Look Articles

Just a reminder that any articles for the February issue of the Forward Look are past due. Currently I have received no submissions, however, the Executive Meeting has been rescheduled to Wednesday so in order to have articles printed out for Executive review I need them in my inbox by 4:30 Tuesday at the latest and preferably by the same time on Monday.

Just send them to and put Forward Look in the subject line.


In solidarity,


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  1. Tim,
    Please make our member's aware of Catalyst's announcement of their purchase of the Snowflake Paper Mill (Abitibi-Bowater) in Arizona.
    For the News go to the TSX and enter Catalyst symbol CTL.This was just announced today.
    Not bad for a Company with no money that wants out of the newsprint business.

    Doug Atherley,
    CEP 592 Member.