Friday, 15 February 2008

Enhanced Severance Offer

The enhanced severance offer will be going out to all 592 members on Feb. 25th. These severance packages are being offered to all 592 members by mill seniority. The enhanced severance amount will be 1.5 times the value of your contractual severance. The total number of enhanced severance packages will be limited to the funds remaining from the previously offered retirement packages.

All 592 members will recieve a letter explaining all of the above and the contractual calculation for the severance amount. You must indicate your intention by 4 PM on March 24th 2008.


  1. Are these "enhanced severance packages" only open to Members that have Division seniority to stay in the Mill that don't qualify for a "Retirement Package";but not to Members below the lay-off line?(Laid-off Sept.1,2007.)
    In other words if I started in the Mill let's say around 1985 and I know that I'm never going to work here again,do I also qualify for an "enhanced severance package"(1.5times the norm),should enough Members decline it and I and any other "laid-off" Members apply before the deadline;assuming we have that right.

    CEP Member

  2. Anyone with recall is eligible for enhanced severance.

  3. after reading your contract will the gate hires from out of town recieve a loa. grumpy cep 1119

  4. I think he means loa 'living out allowance' . I'm quite sure they wouldn't...As far as I read it, a 'gate hire' is a direct employee of Catalyst albeit a short duration one... no other employees of Catalyst Paper whether they live in Parksville, Nanaimo etc. and commute get loa... That's more of a construction union thing... and Catalyst is just direct hiring 'temps' ...

  5. I think "loa" is living out allowance, so the question is do gate hires get a living out allowance?

    I don't recall reading anything about that so I imagine the answer is no, but I'm not 100% sure about that.

  6. This a big mistake by the unions CEP and the PPWC that have gate hires. That there is no living out allowance for the the people from out of town. When we go away for union buiness or company buiness we get our costs covered. Even the CLAC pays LOA and so does JV Driver cep 470 This needs to be addressed at negotions or we are no better than the CLAC. This isnt the froum to talk about this so is all I will say on the subject. Have a happy life. grumpy cep 1119

  7. JVD should pay LOA especially when they bring in unexperienced trades people from Quebec over our local experienced people.

    The longest distance a gate hire here will have to travel would be about 45 minutes out of Nanaimo.

  8. Agreement says severence as per contract but I see reference to 1.5 times norm. Could you please clarify.

    Doug at Elk.

  9. Doug,

    These are enhanced severances offered to all remaining members of the local who did not qualify for the earlier packages. It is calculated by taking the severance you would be entitled to under the contract and enhancing it by 1.5 times that severance.

    Being entitled to about 40 weeks severance in my case, the enhanced offer would give me 60 weeks severance if I took it.