Monday, 25 February 2008

Congratulations To You All

The following is a list of people that are about to retire. I'm sure I can speak for everyone when I wish each of them a long, happy and well deserved retirement. If you add up all the years of service that these people have put in, we are losing over 2500 years of experience and knowledge. We are going to miss them all:

Steve Ackland, Ernie Addy, Gord Arnett, Don Barkley, Leo Blais, Dave Blelloch, Rick Bodnar, Jim Bridgen, Doug Bryant, Ewan Cameron, Wayne Carter, Jacques Chabot, Andre Contreras, Mariea Cooper, Russ Cross, Bruce Currey, Bob Dahlman, Rick Dallman, Brian Daniels, Bill Davidson, Dennis Devereux, Barry Greaves, Bert Groeneveld, Dal Gulstene, Hart Haase, Loyd Herzog, Ken Hicks, Gary Hodgkin, Terry Houbregs, Duane Hughes, Jim Irvine, Bruce Kelly, Alan King, Bob Kranevelt, Marc Larochelle, Gary Lavergne, George Liong, Bob MacAdams, Jim Mackie, Tapio Meriverta, Gord Miles, Jackie Nager, Bob Nesbit, Bill Oickle, Gord Parker, Wayne Pinkney, Tony Price, Boris Radetic, Ben Randall, Jim Ray, Dave Reis, Jack Rozwadowski, Carl Sexsmith, Rick Smith, Wes Smith, Don Stoneadge, Bill Surrey, Pete Tabler, Adrian Tanner, Jim Tatoosh, Livio Tedesco, Cam Tennison, Tom Thompson, Gord Unger, Bill Uvilla, Henry Vogels, John Woodthorpe, John Zarantonello, Roger Dufour, Lloyd Fairley, Henry Doyle, Ron Fraser, Al Gillis, Jim Gislason, Ron MacKnight, Ernie Ellis, Dave Nelson, George Parker.

If I have missed anyone it's because I'm jealous but I do appologize.

Pete Rayburn

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  1. Congradulations to all on the Retirement list. And thankyou to those who i have worked with personally.

    Keith Austin