Tuesday, 15 January 2008

January Forward Look

It took me longer than I thought this first time and I haven't even had lunch yet. But, I'm pleased to say that the January Forward Look is now online. It may have some errors in it and it may not be perfect (yet) but here it is. With the different graphics and pictures and some scans it comes in at 882 mb so if you are still on dial up it will take a few minutes.

Note that the Agenda is still found on the last page.

Constructive feedback is more than welcome.

Now for some lunch.

UPDATE: I've just realized that in the conversion of the publisher file to a PDF, the Important Links don't link. So I will post them in the sidebar of the blog so you can still access them and I'll see if I can figure it out for next month. Fixed. Next to the name of the site is the WWW address that Adobe reader picks up as a link. Not as neat as I like it but it works.

UPDATE 2: January 16 - I've just noticed an error on the Agenda for the General Meeting. The motion concerning the Executive Dinner and Dance should be dated March 8, 2008, not 2007. I will correct it as soon as I can this evening. Fixed.

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