Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Board of Directors Update

The rumor currently making the rounds through the mill about the CER approval being delayed until Feb 12th are apparently true. Roy Plotniko, President Local 686, and myself met with Ron Buchhorn last night to try and find out just what the hell is going on with our Board of Directors and what kind of game are they playing with us. I believe that we did impress upon Ron that enough is enough and that we will not keep going down this road of uncertainty. But having said that, I hope I speak for all when I say that we have put far too much work into this process to just pick up our bat and ball and go home. We have been assured one more time that the CER approval will be on Feb 12th and Roy and I have been asked to attend that Board Meeting. I also believe that we left the impression with Ron that the opportunities to complete this agreement are fading faster as we keep getting put off. As we all know, we came into this with an open and honest attitude and good intentions but not to be made fools of. Unfortunately the Board does not see the importance or urgency that is required to make this agreement work. We have informed Ron that we will attend that Board Meeting and that Feb 12th is as far as we will being willing to go. If the approval is not completed by that date then it will be the decision of the members of Local 592 on what path we take next. This local membership has demonstrated amazing patience over the last several years and we ask for a little more.

Pete Rayburn
Extremely frustrated President CEP Local 592


  1. Its now 2 and a half months away from the end of our contract i think that would have been an issue when we voted and maybe its time to wait and negotiate with the support of the other locals and cacaus.

  2. Pete,
    I am in total agreement with your position. Enough is enough! It is time for the company to honour the agreement. They are now playing hard ball with Elk Falls and they are shutting down machines there. They no doubt want an agreement from those locals in Elk Falls. However, if the locals in Elk Fall see how the company has dealt with us. There will be no agreements. Our contract comes to an end at the end of April and Catalyst Paper is heading down the road to being a target company. I guess the Catalyst Paper Board wants all their mill to be behind picket lines. - An observation from outside the gate.
    John Egresits

  3. What has our National Reps said lately? Not much ink from there latest newsletter about our situation. Hopefully on the 11th hour they'll say something? Wait till May to fix this right.Thanks Brother Banks