Sunday, 6 January 2008

January Forward Look Submissions


Please send submissions to and put "Forward Look" in the subject line. This will help ensure that I don't miss your submission.

Below is a copy of the initial guidelines to help this go smoothly for me. I do appreciate feedback and the intention is to help make this as easy as possible for all involved, me included.

Thank you in anticipation of your contribution. Let's make the online edition a success.

In Solidarity,

Tim Thompson

The December issue was the final print edition of the Forward Look. However, it will continue to exist in an online format which will probably evolve over the course of the year. Currently, the Forward Look will continue to be accessible via this blog. In the future we hope to move to some kind of full blown web site, but that is a project for down the road.

I have been asked to look after the Forward Look for the coming year and in order to accommodate this there are a few guidelines and procedures that need to be put in place. So that my weekend is not tied up with an inordinate amount of time to get this ready for the Executive Meeting, I will have to be fairly firm on my insistence in following these procedures.

1. All submissions must be in an electronic format. This can be done in pretty much any word processor including Word. Google has a free online application that can probably also be used although I have little experience with it. Photographs can also be submitted and would be a welcome addition to the Forward Look.

2. Submissions should be sent directly to me at and need to have “Forward Look” in the subject line. Your submission must be in my inbox no later than the Friday before the Executive Meeting. The Executive Meeting is always held on the second Monday of the month. This will allow for the printing out of the articles for review by the Executive and adoption of the Forward Look file before its publication. I will also try and post a monthly reminder of the due date.

3. If all goes according to expectation, the Forward Look should be published online sometime on Tuesday following the Executive Meeting.

4. Again, let me reiterate that submissions need to be sent to because I check this regularly. DO NOT use my Catalyst email address. Articles will not be accepted if sent to that address.

I would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation in this and encourage you to submit something. It doesn’t have to be long (in fact, short and sweet is usually better although I seldom seem to be able to follow that advice myself) and can even take the form of a “Letter to the Editor”. This is your Forward Look and it will be what you make of it.

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