Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Beginning of a Web Site

I had some time today to do a little work on a web site for Local 592. I've played with web stuff in the past but just never kept up with it and I've forgotten most of what little I did know.

Initially I'm using a beta Google site called Google Pages. It's free and has some potential, but also some limitations (at least with my current knowledge). I have been using it to store the Forward Look pdfs for the last year or so and so the basics were already in place.

You can find the web site here. It is nothing more than an introductory page with a couple of links on it. This blog is far more advanced at this time.

I'm not really sure what anyone is looking for in a web site. I'm personally pretty hooked on blogging and so my mindset isn't really on web pages but, I guess it does provide a place for permanent pages like the Executive and Committee listings, pictures of the Executive (just what everyone wants) and important links and things.

For current, up-to-date news, the blog is still tops in my opinion because it is very easily and quickly updated, so I still think that will be the place for everyday stuff.

Anyway, I'll play with it as I find time and, suggestions, contributions and assistance is more than welcome.

In solidarity,



  1. I would like to ask the president and manning commitee why is it that there is laid off employees in the CTMP plant recieving 48 hours when these employees could get 36 resulting in hours for yet another laid off member ?

  2. Here is how I answered the same question posted on my blog:

    The basic principles still apply and that is entitlement to a 40 hour average work week over an 8 week period with seniority being the guiding principle in this. So, if a laid off member had not been getting his average, then he would be entitled to a 48 hour week as opposed to a 36 hour week before junior people were given time.

    This is my understanding of the contract and I believe we have applied this in the past as well.

    While, I agree that it would be nice to just give everyone a 36 hour week to bring more people back to work, the company canceled the shorter work week and so we have to go with a 40 hour week and that has to be an average for those who work shift work.