Friday, 11 July 2008

Canfor Bargain

Pete asked me to post the Canfor Bargain. You can find it by clicking here. It is a 5mb pdf file.

(I have removed a couple of updates on this post wherein I made some personal opinion statements that should not have been done on this public blog. I apologize for this lapse in personal judgment.)

In solidarity,



  1. Hey Tim and my local 592 friends.
    Yes, this is getting very interesting.

    As you know I transferred up to Elk a few years back to pursue a 4th class engineer ticket which I completed.

    I was laid off from Elk Falls but have found alternative employment while waiting the outcome of #1 paper machine situation.

    The company allowed us to apply for a leave to pursue education or alternative employment while the future of #1 was decided.

    With the announcement of the Kraftmill- Recovery going down my chances of returning to Elk Falls are nil.

    I think the Canfor deal looks good and is the best we could hope for in these challenging times.

    I'm hoping Catalyst accepts the pattern. I'm thinking they will and of course Alberni will be part of that!

    Jimmy Patterson is a big owner of Canfor shares and you can bet he had some input in this agreement! Obviously he wanted this deal done.

    The last thing this industry needs in these fragile times is a strike.

    It would be a big mistake for Catalyst to try to frustrate the unions in negotiation when others have signed!!

    After working in two mills I have seen an amazing amount of cooperation to get to the same goal of profitability.

    I'm hoping input inflation does not exceed output inflation x unites produced.

    "You can't keep shutting down machines and generate sales from products you no longer produce."

    Good luck to all and good health !!

    Rory Panton

  2. S Fox

    Pete can you confirm or refute the rumour in the mill that our "me too" clause only applies to any agreements within the Catalyst mills and not Canfor tentative agreement.