Tuesday, 13 November 2007

To All Members CEP Local 592

Please be advised that we have received notice from the CEP National Office that they are invoking Article 15.02 of the CEP National Constitution. Therefore we will not be conducting a ratification vote on the proposed tentative agreement at this time.

The meetings will not be canceled but will be used for information purposes only.

Local 592 Wage Delegates
Pete Rayburn
Daryl De Rooy
Phil Guild


  1. Bargaining Authority 15.02

    It seems that other locals are allowed to sign deals. WHY would we not be able to sign a deal that help save our mill. What substantive issues does this deal not deal with that NATIONAL has decided to get involved.

  2. After attending the 2:00 P.M. meeting, it is very obvious that the National and the Western Regional is still out to prove that they are " the big dog ". Well, they are sadly wrong, as Mr.Buckhorn will call them on it, and to show them that the Company is very much " the big dog " they will cancel the deal, keep #4 Machine down, bringing this Mill and our 2 locals to an end. This will ultimately set the stage for the next set of negotiations.We can all thank the National for this, and the loss of all the jobs at this site.