Friday, 12 October 2007

Wage Delegate Update

Phil, Daryl and myself have been meeting with Ron Buchhorn, Dale Shimmel, Kim Pedersen, Krista Tremblay and facilitator Bert Painter for the last 2 days and have finally started to put some details around a framework proposal to take to the Board of Directors and to the membership of Local 592. There still are a few details and specifics to be worked out and we have scheduled 3 or 4 more days to get this stuff hammered out. The Wage Delegates all agree that we will not release any specifics on this proposal until the entire package is put together.

I know some people have been asking about violating "main wage" and our status within the Pulp and Paper caucus. I believe we have handled all of the issues with great respect to the caucus. From the start of these talks we have set the priority to be the welfare of our members (Local 592) over our status in the caucus. It will be the caucus that will decide our fate as voting members, not us. But again I feel that we have been very creative in dealing with those perceived "main wage" items.

Its Friday night so I'm going to pour me a drink, relax and try to forget this crap for two wonderful days and get back at it on Monday. Hope to see you all on Monday night at the General Meeting.

Pete Rayburn
President CEP Local 592


  1. I steve smith am wondering why the executive couldn't have the same attitude last talks. To quote pete - From the start of these talks we have set the priority to be the welfare of our members (Local 592) over our status in the caucus.It was very frustrating last year hearing the executive and their stance on that matter which in my opinion made things much worse.I know i'm not in the room negotiating but i do see the results from talks in 2006 and early 2007 we have a much smaller membership and a machine down with no CTMP project.In my opinion if #4 does not start up the mill will shut down.I do hope if a deal is reached it benifits ALL members in local 592.

  2. As a operator in local 592 sitting at home i have to ask if the membership can have a vote on the shorter work week which is in our contract book and should have been implemented can i put a motion on the floor to throw out the 4 point aggreement which is also in our contract book ? When have we ever voted on anything else thats in there ? We are here to preserve jobs not eliminate them (for free) even if its just one position. It seems not important till your the guy whos number one to be called in and u dont get that opportunity to work .If voting on and throwing out the 4 point agreement sounds silly to some then the same sould have applied to the 40 hour work week which would have benefitted someone . Members shouldn't suffer because of other members greed ..

  3. As a member of CEP 686 I would like to thank Pete for setting an example on how to properly discuss business with the company. Both by language and this blog he shows that two parties with differing views can communicate in a manner of respect and without the neanderthal reactions that are reflected by my own executive. At times it has been embarrassing to belonmg to CEP 686 but now there may be hope due to the leadership your local has and is showing.
    I know I as others in our local have the right to vote but the new executive don't take over until Jan.1 which may be to late. Heres hoping it's not, as we may actually be seeing a little daylight thanks to your leadership bringing some pressure onto our leadership.

  4. Ohh, sorry sign me "John Howland"

  5. please check comments under the october forward look.