Thursday, 11 October 2007

October Forward Look

The October Forward Look is now online. You can view it here.

There are very few articles in this month's edition. It appears that none of us feels much like writing these days, myself included. Currently, the plan is to go completely online in January and I'll be looking after that. More information will be forthcoming on how to submit articles. I also hope to provide some of the more interesting items that are currently in the print addition. We get these from CALM. Additionally, I will try to provide a link to some of the BC Fed releases, especially the Labour Disputes release.

I will continue to post it as a .pdf file but I am considering posting it in blog format also, possibly as a completely separate blog. That may provide opportunities for letters to the editor via the comments section (moderated, of course).

All of this assuming I am reelected as Recording Secretary in November.

In solidarity,



  1. i have a question to the executive . seems the word caucus was used alot during the last 2 rounds of talks and how they had an opinion on this and that and where and what we could talk about and i havent heard anyone mention it this time and i'd like to know thier opinion on whats going on or does it matter this round ? we all heard our executives say how were going to be kicked out of caucus if we do this the last time and i would like to know if or how that stance has changed ?

  2. If you would like a reply to your comment please put your name to your post. No name, no reply.


  3. is it possible to delay the upcoming elections until the current round of talks with the company are concluded or reach an immpasse?or at least leave the present wage delegates in place so that they can finish their negotiations. thanks.....

  4. No Bill. It's not possible to delay our elections. It very clear in our bylaws when electioms will be held. But I also feel that we should be concluded by election time or ver close to it.