Thursday, 4 October 2007

#3 Paper Machine Project

The Company has announced that Khana (the new owners) have contracted Precision Industrial Contractors Inc. to dismantle and crate #3 Paper Machine. PCI will be utilizing our laid-off trades people and labourers but have not yet provided the exact numbers they require. They have informed us that they intend to work a 5 day/10 hour shift schedule. Under our collective agreement our members will be entitled to 2 hours OT each day. Although some of our senior people may feel they should be entitled to this OT, you must realize that these guys would not be working if there were no project. Also this contractor is contracted by Khana and not Catalyst and as such our people will be working for the contractor under their supervision but the wages and benefits are covered under our collective agreement.

The laid-off trades and labourers will have the first right of refusal for this work. You should realize that if you refuse this work then you will not recieve any other work. We have been told that this project will take approximately 4 months.

During the duration of the project those people will have no claim to OT rights back in the mill trades and the mill trades will no OT rights in the project. We will get any further information out to you ASAP.

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