Friday, 17 November 2006

Notice: November 15th Meeting Update


At the company’s request our Wage Delegates met with them again on November 15th regarding their concessionary demands. We were led to believe that the company was willing to respect our position on Main Wage items and prepared to talk about our proposal. Unfortunately we were gravely mistaken. They gave us a brief presentation on why they required Leave Smoothing and following the presentation Mike said “I guess that’s it for today”. We were livid. We asked them what the hell was going on. It was our understanding that we were going to work toward a mutually acceptable solution. They were not interested in this at all and they read the list back to us again. There is a report on this in my article in this month’s Forward Look. We will also be giving a detailed report at the General Meeting Monday night.

Jim VanDusen

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  1. I weep for you.I'll work to keep this info flowing.Ed Schmoeller,CEP 1129. Peace.