Monday, 13 November 2006

CEP 592's New Blog

Welcome to the new blog for CEP Local 592.

The executive has asked me to set this up as a place to convey information to the membership. This is especially important since the knee-jerk reaction by the company shut down the all-users address on Catalyst's email system.

Currently the posts will be posted either by me or by a generic CEP Local 592 author. This will allow me to publish posts by the president or other executive members until I get them trained on how to use a computer and post for themselves (I retain the right to remain sarcastic).

Anyway, stay tuned for further information. It will take a little bit of time to get links up in the sidebar and get this blog set up. Hopefully, the posts will be more current and frequent than over at my personal blog.

In solidarity,



  1. This is just a test to make sure the comments work.

  2. Hey it works well done grumpy cep 1119