Saturday, 31 December 2011

Voting Results

I am pleased to say that Local 592 voted in favour of the Memorandum of Agreement. As far as the Catalyst locals as a group, 4 of the 5 locals voted in favour.

I don't have any further information at this time but will keep you all informed . We had an extraordinary turn out for voting and I would like to thank all our members for attending our Special meeting.

Thank You



  1. Why move backward without a fight Doesn't that set the bar a little low for everyone in bc and Canada. Is this a race to the bottom ?

  2. Well I am pleased to see that CEP 1132 @ Crofton Division has not caved into, "job blackmail" that Catalyst continues to use between their divisions. The Unions should be sticking together and quit accepting concessions. It is time Catalyst show some respect for our bargaining caucuses and pattern agreements.

  3. Crofton won't be very happy if their paper mill shuts down and they left with only the pulp mill.

  4. I can't believe your national.Local 1132 rejected this
    piece of crap agreement and now I'm told that
    the national doesn' t like it and they are holding a
    re-vote to get the result they want .Disgracefull !!!!!

  5. WOW either these two comments are authored by the same person and that person never attended the special meetings explaining the situation with the company, the CEP paid forensic Accountant and the fact that if the company goes into CCAA the race to the bottom will be swift and a lot worse than this tentative agreement. I suspect though that they were written by a PPWC member.

  6. PPWC votes to remain in caucus 100% Jan 5 what does this mean? CEP local has to have a re vote because of outside influence. HMMMMMMMM

  7. Pleased to report that PPWC Local 2 at Crofton
    Division has voted 100% in favor of remaining in the PPWC
    Wage caucus.A strong day for unionism in B.C.

  8. Exactly anonymous, if they want to work for less, have them take a 50% cut to cover the wages at Crofton. They'll never stop asking for cuts and they'll never get out from the debt they owe. It will only buy a tiny bit more time and they'll be back next year for more.

  9. Come on Alberni, put up a fight!