Thursday, 4 December 2008

Election Results

The elections are now complete, and we will be having the Installation of Officers at our December 15th General Meeting.

The successful candidates are:

Doug Chisholm

Alternate Wage Delegate:
Tim Thompson

Congratulations to all.

Our 2009 Executive Board:

Jim VanDusen

Vice President
John Young

Vice President
Brent Hamelin

Recording Secretary
Tim Thompson

Financial Sec. Treasurer
Norm Skipsey

3rd Year Trustee
Randy Teichman

2nd Year Trustee
John Egresits

1st Year Trustee
Doug Chisholm

Safety Officer
Travis Goodyear

Local 592 Wage Delegates
Jim VanDusen
Phil Guild
Daryl De Rooy
Tim Thompson (alternate)

My thanks to John Young, Brent Hamelin, Steve Smith, Owen Paxton and Dave Warrender for letting their names stand and running for an Executive Board or Wage Delegate position.

Jim VanDusen


  1. My thanks to the membership for electing me as alternate Wage Delegate. I will continue to do my best to represent the membership. Congratulations to all who let their name stand. It is encouraging and I would continue to urge you to get involved. There are a variety of ways to be involved in local union business. In January we will be having elections for committees which can be a great place to start.

    Thanks again.

  2. Congratulations goes out to Tim and i would like to thank the members whom elected and voted for me. Thanks