Friday, 24 October 2008

Convention Reports

UPDATE: I've just been reminded that my Viewpoint blog is not accessible from the mill like the 592 blog is so I will be using this blog for the Convention reports. Basically, you can ignore what I've said below and just check in here for the reports if you're interested. Thanks to Jim VanDusen for pointing this out to me.

Those of you who are interested in the convention reports I plan to make will find them on my Viewpoint blog. I haven't been using it for much of anything else and that keeps it separate from the other info on this blog (although, I'm not sure there will be much happening here for the next little while, either.)

I'll try and post the links here so you know when a new report goes up. A pre-convention post is up right now and you can view it here.

The length and frequency of the report will be dependent on the availability of internet access and for that I'll just have to wait and say.

I look forward to your comments and visits over on my site

In solidarity,


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