Friday, 17 August 2007

From the President

To All Members of Local 592
We have received notice from Ron Buchhorn that we will not be meeting on Aug. 22nd and 23rd as previously planned due to the absences of some of the major players that have previous commitments. We will be meeting on Sept. 6th and 7th to continue discussions when all the parties are available. Until then we will be working on the issues surrounding the shut down of #4 PM and the impending lay-offs. Please remain focused and stay safe during the next few weeks as we head into the shut down. We will keep you informed on the progress of our discussions as much as possible.


  1. i think we should try to not drag our feet this time like the previuous two attemps at reaching an agreement.

  2. The Wage Delegates gave it everything they had at the last two attempts. There was no "feet draging. Obviously the "anonymous commenter" doesn't have a clue how these discussions work.

    It would be very easy to spend one day at the table and just hand over the entire collective agreement and call it a day. If thats what you're looking for then please come out to the next general meeting and state your case.

  3. I personally think the anonymous commentor has a point when you look at what Powell River acomplished in a short period of time compared to our 2 attemps.

  4. I think Powell had way more people close to retirement than our mill did. Most of the buyouts came when PM3 went down. But we won't sell the farm just so maybe 5 people can get an early package. PR was a way different situation.

    I support the Wage Delegates and the Executive. Thank you for not giving away the farm between Contracts. The employer can bloody well wait (and the membership) until May!