Friday, 15 June 2007

From the President

Some of the postings have asked for more detail on the issues I have touched on.

The Caucus Rules of Order does include an assessment of approx $50 per pay check, not $100. And there are some issues around who can collect if we were out on strike. We will be discussing these issues at the General Meeting on Monday night.

The details around the discussion with Ron Buchhorn will also be discussed at the General Meeting. This topic could be considered to be very sensitive and this blog is a very public forum and what ever info we may have is for the membership only.

Just a reminder that the 2 special meetings are at 2 & 7pm and we will only be dealing with the 40hr work week at those meetings. And yes, the voting will be done by secret ballot. All other business will be handled at the gneral meeting immediately following the 7pm special meeting .


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