Friday, 4 May 2007

From the President

The Seniority Posting Grievance was presented to Arbitrator David McPhillips yesterday. The Union council was Charles Gordon and the Company was represented by Donald Jordan. Our council called upon Doug LeSire, Jim VanDusen and myself to give evidence on the history of our bargaining process and all the details on the grievance. The main issue was the language in our local agreement (Item 10) that gives the company the right to choose anyone they want for a posting and ignore the main wage language (Article XXI Seniority). The Arbitrator will have to decide if the main wage language (Article XXI) supercedes the local language (Item 10). Although the proceedings got off to a rough start, (the company council disputed some of our evidence that we had planned to present) it went fairly smoothly and I feel our council did a great job. I have to thank Doug LeSire for taking the time to come and testify and providing evidence that I hope will aid the Arbitrator in his ruling. Arbitrator McPhillips stated that we will have his decision within 4 weeks.

Pete Rayburn


  1. awsum that a proven union guy with alot of experience was there - maybe you should have called him to help negotiate packages and concessions as he has been very successful before - of course were talking about big Doug Lesire . alot of us in this mill miss him.

  2. This is a different world my friend:)

    The business is much more global. China is your competition in the light weight coated market!!

    The challenges are structural beyond your control. Change or parish.
    Have you noticed how much light weight coated is selling for?
    This grievance is the tip of the ice burg.
    All assets are under review!!
    A chartered accountant is running this company. Incremental changes are not fixing this business.
    Dollar continues to gain strength. Price of paper products have leveled off and trending down.
    Figure it out!!