Thursday, 5 April 2007

Wage Delegates

UPDATE: The meetings are now being held on Wednesday instead of Thursday as noted in the post above.
All Members CEP Local 592
The Wage Delegates will be holding 2 special meetings to provide information about the talks with the company to provide enhanced severance packages and the final outcome.
Thursday April 12th 2007
2PM & 7PM
Hansen Hall
Wage Delegates:
Pete Rayburn
Jim VanDusen
Daryl DeRooy
Tim Thompson


  1. will there be a vote held if there is something on the table or is this just an information meeting ?

  2. The talks have broken off. These meetings will just be information on what we presented and just what happened to stops the talks.


  3. We get get to see our "Carrot" offering's s compared to Their big "STICK" demands to Quote "BUCKY"

  4. There are two views of what is happening at Alberni.
    1. This mill will run with 200 people per machine, hourly & staff included, watch it's costs to drive down the cost per ton and will return a profit. Alberni will set the standard that the other 3 mills will have to meet.
    2. What we are seeing is the begining of the end at Alberni. Property & equipment being sold. Manning down to the bare minimum. No capital expendures to ensure the future of the mill. Squeeze the last dollar and then shut it down.
    Maybe the decision has already been made and come the 08 contract talks Catalyst will use the Big Stick. Sign this contract or we will shut down the mill.

  5. Let us not forget which mill makes the majority of the profit$ for the shareholders... It is not up to the local (mis)managers to decide this mills fate.

    What is so wrong anyway to wait for the Contract to expire before negotiating anyway? For the life of me I can't figure out the employer's tactics. JVD is costing this company millions more than using our own people. Soon the new Board will realize this and back away, but not until May 2008 so they can save face.

    Unity will prevail and we will all live to see another contract. In the mean time all we can do is keep the sheet on the reel and do our best. Peace out.

  6. unity ? give your head a shake - i guess your not one of the operators with fifteen to twenty or more years that is on layoff and watches week after week junior trades not even working within thier trade while senior people to them are at home while our manning commitee thinks this practise is okay. i think a trades guy or girl on firewatch is wrong and costing the company thier trade rate instead of the regular firewatch rate and this kind of practise will drive costs up .no wonder operators are bitter when they get it rubbed in thier face week after week by senior operators and junior trades.many years ago we had millwright helpers and trade helpers in general and to keep all the extra junior trades around when that work could be done by a union member with 4 and 5 times the seniority is wrong .some members in our local are getting screwed by the union and the company !

  7. one must be qualified to do his or her trade govt regulations you now. but I do agree trades shouldnt be used as fire watch. But the suits cant lay them off because of drivers.