Monday, 26 March 2007

Summer Employment at Crofton

This notice was put out by the company on Friday and I'm posting it for those who may not be aware of it. Note, that there is not much time left to apply.

Summer Employment Opportunities
Crofton Division will soon be hiring temporary relief employees for the summer vacation period. Due to the current curtailment in Port Alberni, some of these positions will be offered to CEP 592 and CEP 686 employees who are currently on lay off. The period of employment will be approximately May 1st to Labour Day.

The following conditions will apply to Port Alberni employees who choose to work at another division for the summer of 2006:
• Employees will be hired as “students” at the other divisions.
• Hiring will be on a casual basis only. Seniority rights will not be earned at the other division. Seniority and recall rights will remain with the Port Alberni mill.
• Recall rights to the Port Alberni mill will be waived for the term of summer employment at the other division.
• Employees are expected to be available for work for the May to Labour Day period.
• Employees will be responsible for all expenses incurred relating to work at Crofton division.

If you are interested in these work opportunities for the summer of 2006, please contact Mary Ruel at 724-7474 BY MARCH 28TH!!

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