Tuesday, 30 January 2007

From the President

To All Members CEP Local 592,

Your Wage Delegates are continuing discussions with local management concerning some requested concessions on our Collective Agreement in return for contractual severance packages. The majority of these talks have been around local items and have not yet breached any Main Wage items. These discussions will continue until we have reached an impasse or we have something to bring to the Membership. We ask for your patience and understanding for the apparent lack of information that is getting out to you, the Membership, but these discussions are very laborious and detailed in nature and any misinformation could be detrimental to the eventual outcome.

Pete Rayburn
President Local 592


  1. If the members in Alberni want to see what Powell River was asked for in conssions then go to Local 76 web site and print off the locals presention to the membership the numbers are interesting. grumpy 1119 PS Howe Sound is looking for a mason

  2. how come no posts in a long time -- no progress ??

  3. By now you'll see a new post by the president. We had good discussions yesterday but at the end of the day I was off to Vancouver and then to Vernon today for some holidays with my family. Pete would have posted earlier but I couldn't remember the logon and password for the blog until I got back into my laptop after I arrived today in Vernon.

    So the delay is my fault. My apologies to all but my mind was on seeing my grandsons.

    As Pete say, there are no further discussions planned for next week. We will probably meet the week after.